Hardwood floors by mirageMirage Flooring is available at Coker Floor in Dallas, TX at our mega showroom.  You will find a wide variety of flooring to include tile, carpet and hardwoods with an assortment of brands, quality and pricing.  In particular, Mirage is a flooring brand that is associated with a high end look and feel to the wood.  This brand is something that people who are looking for the best in hardwoods would seek out.

Many people love the look of a hardwood floor and it’s a great home investment because hardwood floors can last for decades.  There are many benefits to the Mirage Floors brand as they are known as an eco friendly choice.  These eco friendly hardwoods are great looking and perfect for people who have allergies as wood floors creates a dust free environment.   There are many benefits to hardwood floors like increasing resale value, enhancing the charm of your home and Mirage has a great look.

When you come to Coker Floor, we will meet with you at our showroom and walk you through the process of planning your floors.  Even better, we can have one of our associates visit you at your home or business and we can help you with the flooring planning process.

How To Plan A Mirage Hardwood Floor

There are many things to consider when planning for a hardwood floor.  Things like, color, species of wood, gloss, grade, positioning, width and floor type our important.  Don’t worry, it sounds complicated but in reality our associates can play a huge role in simplifying the process for you.  Remember, it is important that the look and feel of the floor is exactly as you desire, so take the time to work with our experts in designing your floor.  Hardwoods are an excellent investment into your home and the look of a hardwood floor creates a warmth to any room.  Here are some additional tips to planning your floors:

  • Are you going to install it yourself or do you want a professional dealer to install your flooring investment?
  • Do you have special needs such as pets, children or others that should be considered in your planning.
  • What type of subfloor do you have?  Are there any special considerations such as basements?
  • What are the people traffic patterns in the room you are planning for?
  • Will you need any special finishing to the flooring to protect your investment?

These factors can vary greatly from home to home, but asking the questions and thinking about your needs is a great start to the process.  Our trained experts at Coker Floor can walk you through all of your options step by step.  We can even come to your home for a survey to see what the requirements are and help you plan for your flooring needs.  For many folks, they still like the fact that we have a giant showroom they can come to.  If you come to our flooring showroom in Dallas you will see that we have a giant selection of flooring to include the luxury brands like Mirage Floors.  We can come to you with samples and or you are welcome to visit us at our showroom to preview our selections.

Hardwoods floors, tile and carpet.  For over 60 years the Coker name has been a trusted resource in Dallas/Fort Worth for flooring.  Call us today at (866) 462-6537 for questions about Mirage Floors or your other flooring needs.  We love to talk flooring and you will have a great time planning out your beautiful new floors!


Coker Flooring For Quality and Value

by Jim on December 10, 2010

Coker Flooring is one of the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s leading providers of high-quality flooring solutions. Now under new ownership, Coker Floors is set to continue its tradition of offering innovative solutions to all your flooring needs.  The customers love the option of having someone come to them vs. having to go to a store.  The other option is that you can shop for flooring by going to the Coker Floor superstore!  Consumers in Dallas have both options for shopping for flooring either home or store.

Flooring is an integral part of any home. Cleanly designed and well-maintained floors can be a point of pride, accentuating the overall design and decor theme of a home. Because budgets are tight, flooring is often something you only get one chance to get right, however. That’s why working with knowledgeable, experienced flooring professionals is so important.

At Coker, the staff isn’t just there to sell you a floor. They will help to guide you through the whole process of designing and installing the floor that best suits your home. Whether it’s the elegance of hardwood floors, the durability of laminate floors or the comfort of carpet, they can help you pick what’s right for your lifestyle and budget.

Coker’s staff can explain the advantages and disadvantages of every floor type, whether it’s hardwood or laminate, granite or tile, etc.

Flooring Is An Investment

Times are tough, and flooring can be a major investment. That’s why the experience of the Coker Flooring team is so valuable. They have been in business for 60 years, and in that time have built relationships with suppliers that translate into savings for you. They are committed to getting the flooring you want at the price you need.

The impact of flooring on home values should not be understated. In many cases, flooring can be a decisive factor in a potential buyer’s decision whether to purchase a home or not. Good flooring fits in with the overall design and theme of a home, accentuating strong points and detracting from blemishes.

Making good choices with regard to your most significant investment asset — your home — is important, and that’s why choosing a flooring company with experience and expertise is so important. Coker’s staff has been well-trained in both the mechanical aspects of installing a floor and the aesthetic disciplines necessary to deliver you the flooring solution that is right for your situation.

To learn more about finding the flooring that is just right from your home (or office!), you can visit the Coker Flooring showroom, or they will send one of their mobile showrooms to homes in surrounding areas, and give you a free estimate and consultation.  Call for your Free Coker Floors estimate at 866-462-6537 or visit our corporate site at www.CokerFloor.com


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